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Blog Version Update

I’ve been giving it some thought and I think it is time to change the version number on my blog. I’m not changing platforms like I did when I moved from 1.0 to 2.0, but I’ve had a lot of things change in my life since RedJen’s Musings 2.0 was launched.

I left the company I had been working at for over 16 years and since then I’ve been working as a consultant and contract worker.

I met my current husband and got married.

I survived Middle School (again), this time I didn’t have to do all the homework, but a lot of the homework was completed because I was there. I even got to enjoy multiple band and choir concerts.

I bought and Xbox One in order to stop backseat driving while my husband plays video games in the living room. I’m still not as happy with the lack of control options on the Xbox controller compared to PC gaming, but for the things we play together, I’m happy to sit side by side on the couch together.

I adopted my husband’s teenager right before they started High School, so they are now my teenager and I’m officially “My Mom” when they talk to other people. I should point out that this is not always done in a happy manner. I’ve also earned the title “the Ruiner” for my refusal to accept that progress toward an end goal is not the same was achieving the end goal.

I’m considering what it would be like to work for me and if that is something that I would want to do.

So I no longer live alone, I have 2 other humans that I’ve formally tied to myself, I’m playing more console games than PC, the gallery program that I used to use for my sites is no longer supported, I still haven’t completely figured out the new one I installed, but I did transfer most of the pictures.

Yeah time for version 3.0.

Where’d my gallery go?

It appears that I’m going to have to do some work on my gallery. I’m not sure what happened to it, but it is currently unavailable.

Grr, I really don’t like it when the host service does stuff that ends up breaking things without letting me know ahead of time.

Blog Implosion

I’m not sure if it was part of the WordPress “Brute Force” Attack and IPOWER’s Response from the middle of April. I’m trying to rebuild things, but I have no idea how much is gone forever. We’ll see what I can dig up over time.